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Real Estate Flyers – What Sells a Home

When a buyer is doing the initial drive-by of a potential property, the first thing they look for is a real estate flyer describing the house, the yard and the neighborhood. Having a professional flyer with the right information is critical to keeping your property’s flyer out of the trash. real estate flyer 1 provides professional templates, but what about the information you are putting on the flyer. What helps to sell a home for the highest selling price? You might be surprised at what research done by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, authors of the book "Freakonomics", has shown. Words and phrases that you would at first glance think would be valuable selling points, are not as valuable as originally thought. Here are what they found to be the five most common "DOs" and "DON’Ts".

DOs: Granite, State-of-the-Art, Corian, Maple, Gourmet

DON’Ts: Fantastic, Spacious, "!", Charming, Great Neighborhood

A seller or seller’s agent thinks, "the house is ‘fantastic!’ why shouldn’t I include that on the sales flyer?" What research has shown is that physical descriptions of the house are correlated to higher selling prices while vague adjectives such as "fantastic" do nothing to demand a higher price.

When creating a flyer for a property, stick to descriptions that highlight the specific attributes of the property. Instead of "Charming home in a great neighborhood", use "Colonial home with wraparound porch located in high ranking school district." Charming home can have many meanings, but colonial home with wraparound porch gives a potential buyer a picture of what the home has to offer. Great neighborhood could mean this home isn’t so great, but the neighborhood is nice. While stating that the home is located in a high ranking school district lets buyers know their children will be attending good schools.

The bottom line is… be specific. Don’t use ambiguous descriptions that leave the buyer to wonder what you meant. Use strong descriptions of physical attributes of the home, and your house flyer will help you or your client to achieve the highest selling price.

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